Our story so far

In 2016, Adriana Somoza and Caridad Tercero combined their passion for design, architecture, and art to found AS interiorista in Madrid.

Caridad Tercero and Adriana Somoza

From the beginning, AS Interiorista demonstrated an innate ability to transform spaces, creating unique and elegant environments that captivated those who experienced them.

With a clear vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence, AS dedicated themselves to cultivating their talent and knowledge in the world of interior design. They worked tirelessly on each project, infusing every corner with their creativity and distinctive style. Over time, their dedication and passion bore fruit, and AS Interiorista began to stand out in the competitive world of design.

The studio soon earned an enviable reputation for its meticulous attention to detail and its ability to merge aesthetics with functionality. Their focus was on creating spaces that were not only visually stunning but also harmonious and tailored to the needs and desires of their clients.

Casa Decor annually brings together Spain's most important interior designers. This was our first space at Casa Decor 2016. AS Interiorista has already been selected for 7 years.

As AS Interiorista's reputation grew, they embarked on increasingly ambitious challenges. Large companies, influential personalities, and prominent individuals sought their services to bring their boldest visions to life. The studio became a benchmark for luxury and sophistication in the world of interior design.

However, despite the success and recognition, AS never lost sight of the values that drove them from the beginning. They maintained a closeness and humility in their dealings with clients, attentively listening to their dreams and desires to turn them into tangible realities. Each project was a new opportunity to exceed expectations and leave an indelible mark on people's lives.

The studio became a space where creativity and elegance intertwined, where dreams materialized, and spaces transformed into masterpieces. From majestic residences to luxurious hotels and exclusive boutiques, AS Interiorista left its distinctive mark on every project.

Meet our team

Today, the legacy of AS Interiorista continues to grow. Adriana, Caridad, and their team continue to challenge themselves, taking their passion for interior design to new heights. Their timeless style and personalized approach have left an indelible mark on the industry, making them undisputed leaders.

The story of AS Interiorista and its founders, Adriana Somoza and Caridad Tercero, remind us that with dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, dreams can become a reality. They inspire us to pursue our passions, trust our vision, and make our mark on the world, one space at a time.